We are excited to announce that HC3 has acquired Banc Statements Inc. (BSI) as of September 30, 2020. As of October 1, 2020, all BSI operations, including those in Dallas and Indianapolis, officially operate as part of HC3. While not expected, any change in account representation will be proactively communicated. Operations and delivery will not be interrupted during this process; please do not anticipate a delay in service.

HC3, formerly known as High Cotton, is a 58 year old, family-owned company headquartered in Birmingham, AL. HC3 focuses on helping financial institutions communicate with their customers in meaningful ways through statement and notice redesign, intelligent marketing campaigns and seamless delivery of both printed and digital communications. For more information on HC3, visit their website at WWW.HC3.IO

BSI’s printing, folding, stuffing, sorting and mailing services will save you money. We are the only company in the country that specializes exclusively in printing and mailing DDA and savings account statements for community banks.

Bank Statement Outsourcing

Print. Fold. Stuff. Print. Fold. Stuff. There’s no getting around the fact that bank statement processing is one aspect of daily operations that is very hard to automate without headaches and issues along the way. BSI has a way to alleviate pain for financial institutions. BSI was founded to do one thing: Print statements for community financial institutions.

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