Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan

Does your bank have a contingency plan for statement printing?

Due to the nature of how processes are managed in today’s business culture, having a business continuity plan in place is essential to any business, including the mission critical production and mailing of DDA and savings account statements for your community bank. Whether it be for weather emergencies, natural disasters, system failures, or any other severe business interruptions, BSI’s Disaster Recovery Services will be there in the event your company production is halted due to any unforeseen circumstances. Each of our client banks receives our DR services as a courtesy with their print and delivery services. For those financial institutions printing in-house, utilizing BSI’s contingency plans can provide you with peace of mind and business continuity should the need arise.

BSI will additionally handle any letters or notices necessary to effectively communicate pertinent news and information to your customers in the event of a production outage at your bank or production site. We are fully equipped to take on any print and mail run of any size. Our disaster recovery services can help your financial institution minimize risks, operational downtime and financial losses due to any business interruption. Our production guidelines mirror banks’ processes. Employing BSI’s redundant print and mail facilities to be your backup during operational/production recovery will ensure your banks’ continuity management plan.

BSI operates with multiple plant locations in Birmingham, AL, Dallas, TX and Indianapolis, IN. Our processing plants have identical hardware and operations systems as well as telecommunication capabilities. In the unlikely event a disaster occurs, printing can be transferred to a backup facility without interruption. This ensures your customers receive the same, high quality statements they are accustomed to.

Build your disaster preparedness plan with BSI today.

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