Information Security

Highlights of Physical and Data Security

  • Statement of Accounting Standards SOC 2 Type II Compliant
  • All BSI workstations require complex passwords for user access
  • All BSI PC’s have the latest Trend Micro suite and fetch definitions hourly
  • Files sent with Verisign© certified 128 bit SSL encryption
  • Front end firewall protection on all servers and office server/pc’s
  • Third party penetration and network vulnerability testing
  • Password protected Zip files are sent via SSL double encrypted from bank to BSI
  • Files are deleted off the server after they are downloaded to local production
  • Files are deleted off production hard drive after each run is placed in the mail (including any re-prints, if necessary)
  • Any statements used for testing (or originals that are reprinted) are immediately shredded on site
  • ADT key fob access
  • ADT alarm and motion sensor security system
  • DVR multi security camera 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Visitors and vendors must sign in and are continually escorted
  • Employees are subjected to drug testing and vigorous background check through Verified Credentials, Inc.
  • All non mailed work containing live data is shredded immediately on site
  • File Transfer Technical Information
  • Maximum compressed file size is scalable as needed
  • Bandwidth – BSI utilizes a multi-homed OC12 backbone providing highly redundant and scalable transmission capabilities
  • Files sent via Verisign© certified 128 bit SSL (secured socket layer) double encrypted via secure HTTPS or secure FTPS

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